Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Saving Energy

A friend suggested a month ago that we have a competition amongst our friends for saving energy. The issue we quickly realized was how do you do such a thing when everyone has a different system. Some of us are fortunate to have gas heat and others have to pay the high costs of electricity for their heating. My suggestion is that we compare how much energy we used last year and see how much we can reduce this year. Clearly the weather outside can play a big part of things and this summer is already a much cooler summer, but trying to do things one step at a time is very important. The second thing, is start a conversation and share tips on saving energy.

Here are some of the things we are doing?
If you live in Baltimore, I would suggest getting a BGE Energy Check-up. They installed CFLs, covers for our pipes to help absorb some of the heat that is lost, water aerators, and a new shower head (good thing, since I had to replace it anyway).
The next thing we have done is shopped for a new electricity provider. Many states have deregulated so it's up to the consumer to find the best deal. And the realty is I have been too lazy to look it up. And then when I did go through the vendors most of them wanted me to call. I don't really have time to do that. So we decided on Clean Currents for our electricity provide. Washington Gas & Electric is actually providing the electricity, but the funny thing is that they were cheaper.

I have to say moving into a house with a gas water heater was amazing. I saved at least $100 on my bill this month. What other ideas are there to save money, cut my energy uses?
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